Line Sync

The Line Sync indicator is more of a tool than an indicator. It has been developed to aid trading with multiple charts of the same instrument. For instance, when you manually draw support/resistance lines, trend lines, pivot points, or other key levels onto a chart, it’s often really useful to have these same levels and lines copied to a different chart, e.g. a lower timeframe chart of the same instrument. Line Sync can do just that.

Objects drawn or imported using Line Sync are stored in shared SQL database that other instances of Line Sync can access. Furthermore, the lines are persistent and will be remembered even if the original chart is removed.

Line Sync uses some specific MarketScope features to achieve this:
  • Database
    • MarketScope provides an internal SQL database for storing values. Since this database can be accessed by other indicators, it allows the sharing of values between charts.
  • Context menu
    • MarketScope allows custom commands to be added to the “context menu”. This menu can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button. The date/time and price position of the mouse at the time of the click are used by the Line Sync commands, e.g. to add a horizontal line at a particular price.
  • Pop-up menu
    • MarketScope allows custom indicators to use “pop-up” menus. These are used to edit line properties, etc.

In additional to the internal database, Line Sync also allows you to export (or import) to (or from) a file. The file is a ‘csv’ (Comma Separated Value) text file. This file format can be edited by a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad) or Excel.

Input Parameters


Custom "context menu" commands and "tool-bar" for LineSync added to MarketScope.

Lines added/modified in one chart are automatically copied/updated in another chart using the same indicator database.

File Import / Export

This option is useful if you need to enter or edit the values externally, for example maybe you get pivot levels from an external source. You can also use it to share values with others. The text file is also useful for editing labels for the lines.

H,1526.1,16776960,2,2,"Example line 1"
H,1521.6,16776960,2,2,"Example line 2"
H,1509.4,16776960,2,2,"Example line 3"
H,1504.4,16776960,2,2,"Example line 4"
H,1499.9,16776960,2,2,"Example line 5"
H,1511.54,16776960,2,2,"Example line 6"
V,2013/2/20 16:00,65535,2,2,"Example line 7"

Video Demonstration

Here is a very short video demonstration.

Further Information

Further information may be found on this blog by searching for tagged articles.


The indicators are available to purchase for MarketScope 2.0 via the Store page. You can also request a trial version by contacting me (use the link in the side bar).