Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Currency Strength and Major Markets for Q1 / 2015

Well, Q1 of 2015 is now over, so let's have a look at the Currency Strengths...

CHF comes out top thanks to the SNB's un-pegging move. EUR is at the bottom thanks to ECB's QE, and overall Euro-zone weakness.

Whilst we're at it, here's the major markets...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ECB QE keeps DAX up and EURO down

DAX continues to be pumped ever higher. No sign of any selling at the tops. Euro moving ever further down, getting closer to parity with the US dollar.

Composite Profile (Release 15)

Small but useful change to the Composite Profile.

Release 15
  • HVN and LVN lines drawn from anchor profile position
  • Added line style option for HVN and LVN

Friday, March 6, 2015

Supply / Demand strategy trade

I'm developing an automated trading strategy based on my Supply/Demand indicator. I have the basic prototype working now, and it made its first trade today. This is just a proof of concept, but looking good so far. The strategy splits the position into 2 parts allowing different stop and limits. It supports break-even and trailing stops.

Supply / Demand Indicator Development

In the last release of the Supply/Demand indicator I added the ability of the indicator to load its own data. The purpose of this was to allow it to load data beyond the actual chart. However, I just realised an interesting side-effect of this change. The data loaded by the indicator was the same period as the underlying chart - the intention was just to allow it to load more data. However, there was no fundamental reason why the indicator could not load data of a different time period! So, that's exactly what I did. Actually, the way the indicator was designed and coded meant that this was a really simple thing to do.

Here's an example. On the left is the normal version of the indicator using m5 data (on m5 chart). On the right is the new version of the indicator using m5 data on an H4 chart. You can see that the detected zones are at identical levels, but with the benefit of being able to see them represented on a chart several time-frames higher. On the chart below I highlighted a large spike upwards to a supply zone which occurred as the ECB's president Mario Draghi started his press conference.

This change is still in development and testing, but it seems like a simple thing to include, and potentially very useful.